When compassionate people come together with intention, dedication and a shared commitment to helping others, great things happen. 

People are at the center of care at M Physicians, and our thoughtful and considerate employees work together and with patients to create a lasting impact. No matter what their area of expertise is, our teams work hard to bring passion, professionalism and top-of-the-line care to our patients.

M Physicians strives to provide the best patient care, while also taking great care of our employees. Our work has such a lasting impact, both on patients and those providing care and we would love for you to be a part of that as well. Our people have some thoughts about their experiences with that. Here’s what they have to say: 

Aaron Browne, PA-C, Vice President of APP Services

“I have greatly enjoyed the collaborative nature and professionalism of our leaders, my colleagues, and my amazing teams. I am continually amazed at the dedication, passion and quality of care our APPs bring to our patients and families, coworkers and our system on a daily basis. Going into our third year, it has been wonderful to see our APP community come together to commemorate the third annual celebration of National APP Week that we were part of helping to develop nationwide with several other large health systems and watching our participation in these events expand year over year has been wonderful to see and they are able to showcase their impressive contributions.”

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Deanna Sellers, ACNP

“By far, the best thing about M Physicians is the people we work with. Keeping patients at the center of each decision made helps to keep us moving forward as a team. The critical care APP group we have is amazing. There are so many times that our staff jump in to fill the gap, whether it’s urgent staffing needs, switching shifts so someone can make their kids’ ball game, or just jumping in and helping when they see one of their partners on another team being overwhelmed. We all want to make sure that not only are the patients getting the best care possible, but our APP partners can be successful at balancing the needs at home. The teamwork and accountability for each other every single day is amazing and the thing that makes our group awesome to work with. 
Critical care can be tough, and we frequently have hard conversations with families. I remember a time almost 11 years ago, the day I returned from bereavement leave after my father died. I had a patient who was arrested post op day one. I was having a very difficult time with leading the code, talking to the husband and surgeon and one of my partners quickly came over from the EB and assumed leadership of the situation. I am forever grateful for her giving me the chance to step back and take care of myself while she took care of that family. It was on one of her first weeks working for M Physicians and she was amazing, I think we have worked together now for 11 years. I am grateful every day for my partners and my mentors who still guide me even after doing this for 20+ years!”

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Joanne Platt, Patient Concierge Representative

“This is the most gratifying position I have ever held, not only because of the meaningful and positive impacts I have had on patients’ lives, but also because of their lasting impacts on me. I have observed patients’ tremendous courage and grace under the most trying of circumstances. Cultivating relationships is what I do best, and it is so very gratifying and humbling to be allowed to share in the patients’ joys and successes, or conversely, their pains and losses.”

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Alex Boucher, MD, FAAP

“I get to take care of some really great people who often can feel left behind, uncared for, or ignored by healthcare systems and the medical community. M Health Fairview and especially my leadership and care teams have allowed me to push forward and think outside the box to make what I think are tangible improvements in the way my patients are cared for. Academically, I have also been allowed the freedom to explore unconventional research avenues that I hope can change the way that we interact with patients and colleagues and train future physicians.”

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Bevan Yueh, MD, MPH, CEO, University of Minnesota Physicians

“I want our community to know how much of an honor it is to serve them everyday alongside such great people–physicians, advanced practice providers, clinic staff and others who work so hard to bring care to others. 

To our people, thank you for all that you do to ensure Minnesotans have access to our care and for making M Physicians a special group of people who do such important work together.”