University of Minnesota Physicians are driven to deliver patient satisfaction, clinical innovation, basic and translational research, and scholarship through academic medicine. Our innovative treatments and discoveries have made a worldwide impact and benefited the lives of people here in Minnesota—and beyond—for more than 130 years. Our physician-scientists are conducting research on complex conditions such as cancer, diabetes, and HIV. By participating in a clinical trial, you can help us uncover breakthroughs that will improve life for future generations. 

Banik Ground Breaking Research


The University of Minnesota Medical School is at the forefront of the latest clinical trials, research and findings. Their research allows University of Minnesota Physicians to constantly improve patient care, outcomes and quality of life. Our innovative treatments and discoveries have had a lasting global impact for more than 130 years. This standard of excellence has been repeatedly upheld by our researchers, never-ceasing to further advance medicine through discovery.

Tackling Healthcare


The University of Minnesota values research and the progress towards healthcare that can be made from clinical trials. Researchers work with the goal of building healthier communities and adding value to the lives of their patients. 

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StudyFinder, provided through the University of Minnesota's Translational Science Institute (CTSI), provides a listing of University of Minnesota research studies currently seeking volunteers. You can also find clinical trials through the Masonic Cancer Center and the National Institutes of Health.