What is the difference between esthetician services at a salon vs. a doctor’s office?

In a medical facility, the esthetician is able to use equipment and products that are only available under a doctor’s supervision, such as DermaPen, HydraFacial, medical grade peels, as well as retail products that are only sold in a medical setting. The esthetician can also help guide patients in considering medical procedures and cosmetic surgery options to help achieve the results they are looking for.

Why have an esthetician in a plastic surgery office?

The plastic surgeon deals with the deeper layers of the dermis and the underlying bone and muscle, while the esthetician specifically addresses the visible surface of the skin, which contributes to an overall more beautiful result. Preparing the skin so it is in the best condition possible before surgery will give the physician a better canvas to work with. The esthetician can also help with treatments and products post-operatively to promote healing and reduce swelling and inflammation while offering encouragement and support to patients during this period. Seeing an esthetician regularly after rejuvenating procedures can help protect the patient’s investment by providing longer-lasting results and preventing environmental damage that contributes to the appearance of aging skin. The esthetician can be an ongoing resource to help with the patient’s evolving skincare needs and concerns through all of the stages before and after the medical procedures offered by the plastic surgeon.

Is there a consultation fee for services offered by the esthetician?

No. the esthetician is more than happy to offer complimentary skin analysis with professional treatment and home care product recommendations in a relaxed, no pressure setting.

What can I expect during my initial appointment?

Because each person’s skin is as unique as the individual, each service is customized to address your specific skin care needs and outcome goals. The esthetician enjoys collaborating with each patient to develop a treatment plan that will be most effective in delivering the best possible results.

How long is a typical treatment?

Skin treatments range from 30 to 90 minutes long. Whether you are pressed for time and looking for a fast and focused treatment over the lunch hour or want to have a longer facial that incorporates more stress-relieving massage and relaxation, the esthetician will help you choose a service that works for you.

How long until I can return to work?

Most skin treatments may cause mild redness that will dissipate within an hour or two, however peels and microneedling procedures may cause some redness that lasts up to 72 hours. This may create the appearance of a moderate sunburn, but not severe enough to prevent you from resuming your regular activities. We do recommend that you avoid direct sun exposure, excessive heat (such as hot tubs or saunas), and strenuous exercise until the inflammation subsides.

How long after a service can I wear makeup?

We recommend that you do not use any products that would occlude the skin or cause irritation immediately after your skin treatment. The esthetician can provide recommendations for mineral-based makeup that is healthy for your renewed skin. Some treatments may require you to avoid makeup for up to 12 hours, and the esthetician will discuss aftercare instructions with you on an individual basis.

How do I schedule an appointment?

You may call our front desk for assistance to schedule an appointment: (952) 844-0404