With expanding knowledge and proliferation of new techniques based on medical advances, sub-specialization (a narrow focus within a specialty) has undeniably enhanced patients’ lives. This is particularly true in facial plastic surgery, where The Hilger Face Center focuses solely on the face and has been a leading clinic for over 30 years. In our practice, we are also focused on a partnership of care. Essential to this partnership is your comprehensive consultation, where we provide an in-depth evaluation of aesthetic and reconstructive concerns and “plain English” information. This helps you to clearly understand your array of options, from minimally invasive procedures to more involved — yet safe and proven — techniques.


Hilger Face Center Patient Care, Minneapolis

Our paramount goal is to create flattering enhancements for patients that work naturally and harmoniously with your existing facial “landscape”. Each patient’s care will occur in a superbly competent, warm and comforting environment. Our team is committed to an individualized, coordinated care plan. This means from your first call to our experienced office staff to your scheduled aesthetic experience to aftercare with our aesthetician (who adds the final touches), you will have a comfortable and seamless return to your normal activities.


The Hilger Face Center team is continuously involved in the development of innovative options that have been proven effective in legitimate and rigorous clinical trials. Therefore we never rush to embrace the latest “fad” procedures. We only offer options in which we are exceedingly confident of their safe and consistent results. The Hilger Face Center will never compromise your looks or health just to offer a quick fix du jour.


The legacy of this practice has been established by four generations of Doctors Hilger —hence, today’s Hilger Face Center. All procedures are performed at the accredited and award-winning Centennial Lakes Same Day Surgery Center. In addition to being overseen by the best cosmetic surgeons in the Twin Cities area, you will also have peace of mind knowing you are being cared for in the state’s top-notch ambulatory surgical center and attended by a board-certified anesthesiologist. The Hilger Face Center has developed an unparalleled reputation that has attracted patients from all over the upper Midwest and beyond. Learn more


We recognize that many patients in need of care do not have access to medicine for numerous reasons and we are committed to helping them in our community and beyond. These efforts have been an integral part of our practice from the beginning, as demonstrated by our regular humanitarian trips to South America, as well as service in Europe and Africa.

The facial surgery sub-specialty has grown remarkably in the past decades and is dependent upon volunteer leadership. The team at The Hilger Face Center has in the past and will continue in the future to offer its time, talents and services to organizations that foster education and assure quality medical care for those in great need.

Our Team


The Hilger Face Center makes every effort to offer you, our patient, an appointment which best meets your schedule availability. We will provide you with an appointment reminder call prior to the appointment date. Our goal is to serve every patient as soon as possible.

For all new patient cosmetic visits, there is an associated consultation fee that will be charged to a credit card at the time of scheduling. If for any reason, you must cancel your appointment and reschedule, we ask that you do this greater than 24 hours before your scheduled appointment time. We will then refund your consult fee.

We will not refund the new patient consult fee if you do not show for the appointment, or if you cancel the same day of the appointment as this prevents us from accommodating other patients who would like to see us.
We reserve the right not to establish care for new patients who miss two appointments without providing notification. We also reserve the right to terminate care of established patients if a patient misses three or more appointments in a clinic without providing notification within a 12-month period.

We work hard to partner with you in your care, and want to ensure we optimize access to our services for all patients.

Thank you for your understanding.