Aging is an inevitable fact of life, but thanks to modern knowledge and processes, you can slow or momentarily reverse the process. If your face looks older and more tired than you feel, facial rejuvenation procedures can refresh your appearance and boost your self-confidence.

At the Hilger Face Center, our plastic surgeons provide high-quality results for patients interested in facial rejuvenation treatments near the Minneapolis and Edina areas of Minnesota.

What is Facial Rejuvenation

Facial signs of aging are ubiquitous and develop in all areas of the face. Thus for many patients, proper facial rejuvenation combines several of the procedures we offer. 

Procedures commonly combined for facial rejuvenation include: 

Depending on your desired physical appearance some of these treatments can be combined to achieve the desired outcome.

3D & Video Imaging

The Hilger Face Center was the first office in the region to employ 3D and video imaging, allowing our patients to see what they would look like with a number of changes, which is especially helpful when combining multiple treatments for full facial rejuvenation. Our staff will help you explore the options during consultation. 

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