The Hilger Face Center focuses solely on the face and has been the leading clinic for facial plastic surgery in Minneapolis for over 30 years. Our paramount goal is to create flattering enhancements for patients that work naturally and harmoniously with your existing facial features. 

What We Treat:

  • Facial Aesthetic Improvements/Enhancements
  • Aging Face and Facial Rejuvenation
  • Facial Skin Cancer Treatment and Reconstruction
  • Nasal Obstruction and Shape
  • Facial Paralysis and Facial Movement Disorders
  • Reconstruction of the Face, Head and Neck

Here is a list of the surgical and non-surgical procedures offered at the Hilger Face Center:

  • Hilger Face Center Chin-Augmentation, Minneapolis and Edina

    Chin Augmentation

    A Chin Augmentation is a surgical procedure designed to address aesthetic imperfections of the chin. It restores facial balance and harmony by making the chin proportionate to the rest of the face.

  • otoplasty-minneapolis-face-clinic

    Ear Pinback or Otoplasty

    Otoplasty, also referred to as Ear Pinning, is a surgical procedure to correct large, misshapen, protruding, or deformed ears. Otoplasty will adjust the size and shape of one or both outer ears, or the earlobe.

  • Hilger Face Center Facelift Surgery Minneapolis and Edina


    A facelift is a surgical procedure designed to reduce signs of aging in the face. This cosmetic procedure helps tighten sagging skin and remove wrinkles and fat from the face and neck.

  • Hilger-Face-Center-Neck-Lift Minneapolis and Edina

    Neck Lift

    A neck lift is a surgical rejuvenation procedure that improves the contour of the neck & re-establishes the jaw/neckline. It can improve jowling, relieve extensive banding in the neck & address excess volume or fat accumulation.

  • Facial-Augmentation Hilger Face Center Minneapolis and Edina

    Facial Augmentation with Fat Transfer

    Alternatively known as facial fat grafting, cheek fat grafting, cheek liposculpture or cheek microfat augmentation, facial augmentation with fat transfer seeks to restore some of the volume lost in the face, resulting in a fuller, more youthful look.

  • Hilger Face Center Lip Augmentation Minneapolis and Edina

    Lip Augmentation

    Lip augmentation is a procedure that adds volume and a youthful fullness to the upper or lower portions of the lip. The procedure can involve the use of injectable fillers, the injection of a patient’s own fat, or the use of connective tissue.

  • cheek-implants-minneapolis Hilger face-center

    Cheek Implants and Malar Augmentation

    Malar or cheek augmentation can help restore volume lost due to the aging process and create balance or enhance volume that wasn’t there to begin with. 

  • dermabrasions-minneapolis Hilger face-center


    Dermabrasion is a surgical procedure that helps to improve the appearance of the skin. It can minimize the appearance of scars and help to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

  • liplift-minneapolis Hilger face-center

    Lip Lift

    A subnasal lip lift involves creating balance between the top of the lips and the area where the lips and chin meet. It is is one of the more popular procedures performed at the Hilger Face Center.

  • Chemical-peel-minneapolis Hilger face-center

    Chemical Peels

    A chemical peel can help reduce the signs of aging on the skin by resurfacing it, removing the outer layer of skin and encouraging the dermis, or layer beneath, to create new collagen. As the collagen matures, the skin becomes smoother and wrinkles are reduced.

  • Botox and fillers -Minneapolis Hilger face-center

    Fillers and Botox

    A wide variety of injectable fillers and minimally invasive cosmetic treatments are available at the Hilger Face Center. Each brand and formulation provides slightly different results or is designed to target a specific skin or aging concern.

  • Hilger Face Center Facial Rejuvenation service Minneapolis and Edina

    Facial Rejuvenation

    Facial signs of aging are ubiquitous and develop in all areas of the face. Thus for many patients, proper facial rejuvenation combines several of the procedures we offer.

  • Minnesota Facial Paralysis Treatment

    Facial Paralysis/Bell's Palsy

    Facial nerve damage or paralysis is a devastating condition that can interfere with everyday facial activities and the ability to express emotion.  Learn about our Facial Paralysis Treatment Center led by Dr. Lyford-Pike.