We are one of the few offices in the Twin Cities to offer state-of-the-art computer imaging. Our Mirror II system allows you to visually preview the improvements surgery provides in the privacy of our office. Video imaging lets you “try on” a surgery just like trying on new clothes. It’s a risk-free trial of that new nose or facelift!

What is 3D & Video Imaging?

Aesthetic surgery is a visual science, and words often fail to adequately describe beauty. The Hilger Face Center was the first office in the region to employ video imaging. For over 25 years, we have found it and its’ newer iteration, 3D digital imaging, to be a valuable, educational tool. Patients routinely have a good sense of the appearance changes they seek, but usually, do not have the vocabulary of cosmetic surgery. Moreover, a beautiful face is far more than a collection of attractive facial elements.  An attractive nose on one beautiful person’s face rarely is as appealing on another. Facial harmony is an essential element of beauty, and imaging allows us to develop a personalized plan for you and can reaffirm appropriate expectations in our relationship with you.

How Does It Work?

We take pictures of your face (several views) and work with you to achieve a realistic new look. The computer manipulates the video imaging to make the alterations you want, whether rejuvenation, profile enhancement, or restorative. We can show you what you’d look like with and number of changes – our staff will help you explore the options. You even get a print-out of the “before” and “after” to take home with you. There’s no fee for video imaging. It’s part of our consultation process.

We welcome individuals to bring a spouse or friend along. Let us know ahead of time who you’d like to include in your consultation and we’ll make them welcome.

The best part about video imaging is that it allows you to communicate to your surgeon exactly what you want. We provide the time and the means to do just that. Don’t take the chance of being misunderstood – a picture is worth a thousand words.

Even though we are one of the busiest facial plastic practices in the region and routinely see patients from across the country, we are devoted to providing our patients with a comprehensive evaluation and education about their care. Initial consultations are routinely scheduled for 30 to 60 minutes in order to provide ample time for in-depth discussion of facial plastic surgery and treatment options that can be considered.