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University of Minnesota Physicians (M Physicians) is the premier multi-specialty academic physician practice established at the University of Minnesota and dedicated to serving the upper Midwest and beyond. 

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From our approach to the application of medical discoveries to our top-tier quality standards and commitment to training future healthcare leaders - we are advancing medicine.


We are leading some of the most significant healthcare innovations in the country.  Check out our story

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  • More than 70% of the doctors who practice in Minnesota were trained by M Physicians

  • We provide compassionate care through the promotion of physical and mental well-being

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    We maintain rigorous quality and safety standards

  • We are creating healthier communities through top-tier patient care, cutting-edge research and educational excellence 

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    Selfless Kidney Donation Saves Multiple Lives

    Donating an organ is a selfless act that is guaranteed to save a life. Many don’t consider organ donation because it’s unfamiliar to them or because the potential risks associated with it scare them away, but it's much safer than many think.
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    Staying Mentally and Physically Healthy Through The Winter Months

    Keeping healthy during the winter months can be incredibly difficult, especially in Minnesota. Many people are affected by seasonal mood disorders, effects of light deprivation, migraines and more, as a result of the cold weather and shorter days. Learn more about how University of Minnesota Physicians can help with these common winter struggles.
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    Cervical Cancer Survivor Advocates for Awareness and Vaccination

    After experiencing mild pelvic and abdominal pain for nearly a year, Lily visited the doctors to determine the problem. The trip was life-changing, and an eventual diagnosis of cervical cancer at the young age of 27 was completely unexpected.