University of Minnesota Physicians (M Physicians) is proud to announce the relocation of its Hilger Face Center. The Hilger Face Center has been a leading clinic for over 30 years and will continue its work in a new space located at 5050 France Ave. S. in Edina, Minn. 

The Hilger Face Center, formerly known as the Hilger Facial Plastic Clinic, is led by nationally-renowned facial plastic and reconstructive surgeons Peter Hilger, MD, and Sofia Lyford-Pike, MD, who are are both double-board-certified in otolaryngology–head and neck surgery as well as facial plastic surgery. 

Integrative Care

The new, bigger space will not only be able to accommodate more patients, but it will provide an environment for those patients to receive integrated care all in one place. 

“With this move, we are moving beyond just being the Hilger Facial Plastic Clinic. We are formalizing the strong partnership with University of Minnesota Physicians (M Physicians) and becoming more of a comprehensive face center,” said Dr. Lyford-Pike. “We are taking expertise– specifically facial reconstruction and aesthetic techniques, that are traditionally separated in different clinical settings and merging them together into one facial center of excellence.” 

The future mission of the Hilger Face Center is to look comprehensively at image restoration for patients who have suffered any sort of condition that has led to a visual facial difference. They will bring together the reconstructive options and skills with the aesthetic perspective and available treatments. 

“One of the goals for the new practice is to be a one-stop shop for all conditions that affect the face,” Dr. Hilger said. “We can perform the cosmetic services that a private practice traditionally provides, but we can also go well beyond that, like rebuild a nose from scratch for cancer patients. We can do reconstructive intervention, and also provide botox and fillers, should that be an important part of their reconstruction.”

The new location will provide an environment where the patient can get all of those services in one place and in a boutique, private setting that is convenient for them.

Training the Next Generation

The Hilger Face Center will help ensure trainees get education in every aspect of facial plastic surgery. Training for cosmetic surgeries is not generally provided in the academic setting and is usually not provided by academic faculty. Trainees would often have to go to an affiliated site or create a relationship with a community physician for training. The Hilger Face Center will continue to be a place to train fellows for facial plastic surgery and residents throughout their clinical rotations.

Program Development

The Hilger Face Center is taking what was traditionally similar to a private practice facial plastic clinic and is bringing in the strength of the academic perspective with the M Physicians partnership. 

“Partnering with M Physicians offers us unique opportunities to collaborate with other specialities and departments at the University of Minnesota (U of M). We are able to tap into the research, technology and other resources at the U of M and collaborate with experts in other disciplines,” Dr. Hilger said. “This academic partnership will allow us to move that next quantum jump up in the scope and complexity of care we are looking to provide. It is a whole new concept of how we are going to provide care.”

“The Hilger Clinic and name have long been associated with M Physicians and the University of Minnesota Medical School,” said Bevan Yueh, MD, MPH, CEO of M Physicians. “Seeing the new logo, the new space and the new possibilities for how this clinic can serve the state and augment work happening across our owned clinics and clinical partnerships makes me very proud– and excited.”  

Hilger Face Center logo

The new logo brings together elements from M Physicians and the Hilger legacy to showcase the next era of the M Physicians Hilger Face Center.