Nurses have always served patients and communities on the frontlines of healthcare, but the COVID-19 pandemic this year has put the spotlight on their extraordinary contributions.
A handful of special nurses from across the Twin Cities were honored for those contributions during the March of Dimes Nurse of the Year Awards ceremony on Oct. 23. 

We’re proud to announce that Ann Forster Page received the Distinguished Nurse of the Year Award from March of Dimes, and three M Physicians nurses were recognized as finalists.

The March of Dimes Nurse of the Year Awards honors nurses for their outstanding work and compassionate care. Each year, nurses are nominated by peers, family, or friends. Finalists and winners are then selected by a team of qualified nurses. 

Nurse Midwife Ann Forster Page, DNP, APRN, CNM, FACNM, won the Distinguished Nurse of the Year Award. While this year has brought on unprecedented challenges, her passion for nursing remains strong. “What gives me hope during this time is watching how all members of the healthcare team have come together for patients and for each other,” Forster Page said. 

Two M Physicians nurses were finalists for this year’s March of Dimes Nurse of the Year Awards: Innovative & Non-Traditional Nursing – Tucker Annis and Leadership – Mary McMahon Bullis.

In total, eight nurses representing the M Health Fairview partnership were named March of Dimes Nurse of the Year award winners, while 23 more were recognized as finalists. M Health Fairview had more combined winners and finalists than any other health system in Minnesota, with finalists spanning 15 categories.

Nurses from Fairview Health Systems named March of Dimes Nurse of the Year award winners included: 

Ruth Conoryea, Mental Health Award
Michael Petty, Advanced Practice Award
Brianna Fedde, General Care Award
Danyel Downs, Rising Star Award
Ryan Ruzicka, Friend to Nursing Award
Maria Raines, Leadership Award
Leah Chapman, Critical Care Award

Here are all the finalists representing M Health Fairview:

Advanced Practice
Ann Forster Page
Jane Sublette
Michael Petty
Care Management
Danielle Jones
Critical Care
Leah Chapman
Pamela Roth
Sandra Fonkert
Diversity & Advocacy
Danielle Wills
Education & Research
Jamie Guertin
Karen Ryan
Rhianna Britton
Friend to Nursing
Kristy Connors
Ryan Ruzicka
General Care
Brianna Fedde
Katheryn Hagberg
Innovative & Non-Traditional Nursing
Tucker Annis
Angie Whitely
Bonnie Clement
Maria Raines
Marin Hansch
Mary McMahon Bullis
Kelly Rohde
Mental Health
Jennifer Sullivan
Ruth Conoryea
Helene McLaughlin
Ashley Jenniges
Briana Simberg
Emilee Brouillette
Erika Rucks
Rising Star
Danyel Downs
Women’s Health
Deby Mullen