The University of Minnesota Physicians Hilger Facial Plastic Clinic specializes exclusively in aesthetic transformation of the face and has been a leading clinic for over 30 years. The clinic combines the talents and expertise of two nationally-recognized and renowned facial plastic and reconstructive surgeons, Peter Hilger, MD, and Sofia Lyford-Pike, MD

The Hilger Clinic encompasses much more than cosmetic changes, and it breaks many of the stereotypes that people have about superficiality. Many cosmetic patients are originally reconstructive patients, so the clinic blends reconstructive and cosmetic techniques together.

We’re trying to build a single space where all of your facial needs are taken care of. If you have skin cancer and you’re aging too fast or you can’t breath through your nose, it’s all possible. It’s not just a cosmetic office or a medical office.

Dr. Lyford-Pike

The clinic’s team also works to bridge the gap between physical alterations and their psychosocial impact. Oftentimes, people don’t view some of these issues as a disability. For physicians, Dr. Lyford-Pike says it’s easier to do a quality-of-life assessment for a broken ankle than it is to assess the outcome of facial surgery and how others perceive it. The bridging concept of her work is that she helps people thrive and feel comfortable. Surgeries can shed insecurities, restore confidence and improve quality of life. She uses an empathetic approach and asks important questions: “How did we change this person's life? How are they going to feel about themselves in the future?”

Moving part of a leg muscle into a person’s face to help them smile seems like a scene from a science fiction movie, but it’s just one of the countless examples of the transformative surgical techniques performed at the Hilger Clinic. 

For some patients with facial paralysis, Dr. Lyford-Pike never even performs surgery, yet the impact can still be profound. “I help them feel justified in what they’re feeling. It’s very relationship-built, and that’s really why I love it. One tiny surgery that makes a huge difference for someone. From a surgical aspect, it may not be a big difference in terms of degrees and tissue, but it can still make a world of difference in a person’s life,” Dr. Lyford-Pike said. 

Lyford-Pike with patient

Technology plays a crucial role in the process, too. Advanced 3D imaging technology helps surgeons establish mutual goals with their patients. “It's helpful for setting up expectations, and it can show them where things will go for proportions and techniques. It’s a great tool for communicating with the patient. They understand what you’re seeing, what you want, and for us, it’s important that they recognize limitations with what is possible,” Dr. Lyford-Pike said. 

Drs. Hilger and Lyford-Pike complete transformative surgeries that affect a patient's sense of self. They help people flourish beyond any stigma of disease or "deformity.” “I love consultations when I can validate the patient’s experience and lift the burden off. Our vision is to create a space where people come to be made whole,” Dr. Lyford-Pike said. 

The Hilger Clinic has developed an unparalleled reputation that has attracted patients from all over the upper Midwest and beyond. The clinic’s team is committed to an individualized, coordinated care plan. This means from your first call to their experienced office staff and to your scheduled aesthetic experience to aftercare with an aesthetician, you will have a comfortable and seamless return to your normal activities.



The Hilger Clinic Centennial Lakes Medical Building
7373 France Ave. S. #410
Edina, MN 55435